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Heinz Kruger is a minor, yet pivotal antagonist in Marvel 's Captain America comics. He is a supporting antagonist in Captain America: the First Avenger. When Steve Rogers is first given the Super-Soldier formula, Kruger managed to infiltrate the lab as a government official named "Fred Clemson". However, he revealed his true allegiance when his bullet cut down Dr. Abraham Erskine, the creator of the formula.

As Kruger attempted to escape, he turned on Erskine's electric Omniverter and was killed via electrocution. Like his comic book counterpart, Kruger is disguised as a government official named Fred Clemson and witnesses Steve Rogers' transformation into Captain America.

Once the process is complete, Kruger detonates a bomb, and in the chaos, kills Abraham Erskine. However, unlike his comic book counterpart, Kruger is not killed in the lab, but manages to escape along with a sample of the doctor's serum.

Despite Agent Peggy Carter managing to kill Kruger's getaway driver, he seemingly escapes, but Rogers escapes from the lab and pursues Kruger's car through the streets of Brooklyn, eventually latching onto the roof of Kruger's car. Failing to shake Rogers off, Kruger escapes from the car and takes a nearby child hostage, threatening to kill him if Rogers doesn't back off.

When Rogers continues his pursuit, Kruger attempts to kill the boy, but his gun is out of bullets, so he instead throws the boy into the harbor as a distraction. The boy is, fortunately, unharmed and able to swim, and urges Rogers to "go get him. With his mission mostly complete, Kruger boards an advanced HYDRA submarine and prepares to return to Germany; however, before he can, Rogers dives into the water and catches up with him.

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Shattering the sub's cockpit, he grabs Kruger, pulls him onto the dock, and subdues him, causing the serum to be destroyed. However, as Rogers prepares to interrogate him, he bites down on a concealed cyanide pill. Kruger was an extremely cunning, ruthless and intelligent individual, being knowledgeable to deal with situations of danger or combat easily.

He was ruthless enough to hold a child hostage and then kill him once he was no longer useful. He also knew when to "retire" by killing himself with a cyanide pill hidden in his mouth to avoid interrogation and capture. Jonah Jameson. Television Agents of S. Sign In Don't have an account?Group Membership: Gestapo, Nazi party.

Enemies: Dr. He used a specially built weapon -- a gun very similar to a Luger, capable of piercing the protective glass of an observation room. He allegedly had a lovely singing voice and he build the most beautiful model ships. When his superiors heard rumors about an American experiment under Dr. His contact and direct superior was Major Kerfoot. Kruger got off the U-boat and reached the coast using a boat.

heinz kreuder

There, three agents of the Fuhrer's Fifth Column waited for him. They told him about the special credentials that they had obtained to allow Kruger access to Erskine's experiment.

Kruger and two Fifth Columnists hunted him down and stabbed him to death. The agent still managed to escape them and bumped into the frail Steve Rogers. He handed over the amulet, which had part of Erskine's formula written in spider silk on it, and told him with his dying breath to bring the amulet to a guy named Simon at the Timely Building.

Captain America Comics 70th Anniversary Special 1 - Kruger and the two agents saw how the dead agent had handed over the amulet to Rogers and ran after him. Rogers tossed a garbage bin lid at the columnists. The big columnist deflected it into the smallest, who fell in front of a train. Kruger and the big columnist jumped on the train to follow Rogers, who hid on the roof.

They had him cornered, but Rogers tackled the big columnist from the roof and fell with him into a truck loaded with chickens. Rogers succeded to deliver the amulet to Simon. Remaining on the train's roof Kruger was the sole survivor of the failed attempt to steal the amulet. Marvels Project 4 - Kruger met with Kerfoot, who reminded Kruger to speak English, before handing over the credentials Kruger needed to attend the experiment.

Kerfoot told Kruger that he was only days away from getting his hands on Erskine's formula. Kruger would be free to murder Erskine as soon as Kerfoot had the formula.

Their meeting was observed by the detective known as the Ferret, who was murdered by their handler. Kruger went through the dossier Kerfoot had stolen from Operation: Rebirth on their test subject Steve Rogers.

After reading it Kruger finally felt the urgency and weight of his mission. He burnt to file to not leave behind any evidence. Marvels Project 4 - Despite having access to Operation: Rebirth's facilities Kruger failed to assassinate Erskine in over a week. His handler demanded an explanation for Kruger's failure.

Heinz Kruger

Kruger explained that Erskine was seldomly alone and he didn't want to give away their entire operation. When his handler told him that Kerfoot had already copied the formula and that it was now up to Kruger to assassinate Erskine and stop Operation: Rebirth even if it meant turning it into a suicide mission for Kruger. Marvels Project 4 - BTS - Kruger wrote a letter to his wife and asked her to tell his children that he had died a hero serving Germany.Heinz Kreuder has filed for patents to protect the following inventions.

Method and server for synchronizing a plurality of clients accessing a database. Patent number: Abstract: The invention relates to a method of synchronizing a plurality of clients accessing a database, each client executing a plurality of tasks on the database, wherein the method comprises for each of the clients the steps of accumulating the time of one or more tasks performed by the client after the issuance of a synchronization request and rejecting a request for the opening of a new task of the client, if the accumulated task time exceeds a maximum accumulated task time.

Type: Grant. Filed: May 15, Date of Patent: January 9, Assignee: Software AG. Inventor: Heinz Kreuder.

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The method may also include rolling-back the replication data in the at least one replication database system based on the information on transactions processed by the primary database system and the database lock data.

Filed: September 3, Date of Patent: August 16, Database server, replication server and method for replicating data of a database server by at least one replication server.

heinz kreuder

Abstract: The present invention concerns a method for replicating data of a database server 10 by at least one replication server 20the method comprising the following steps performed by the at least one replication server 20 : a. Filed: July 8, Date of Patent: October 29, Publication number: Abstract: The present invention concerns a method for replicating one or more data items of a primary database system 10the method comprising the following steps performed by the primary database system 10 ; a.He successfully assassinated Abraham Erskine under the order of Red Skullbut committed suicide to avoid interrogation after his capture by Steve Rogers.

When Schmidt heard that Abraham Erskine 's Super Soldier Program was creating another subject in America, he dispatched Kruger to assassinate the old scientist and eradicate any evidence of Erskine's work. Kruger was present during the culmination of Project Rebirth on June 22,where he was presented as Fred Clemson, a U. State Department official invited to watch the results.

Heinz Kruger

He was given a lift to the event in Senator Brandt 's personal car; once he arrived, he was introduced to Colonel Chester Phillips and sat with the many government officials and generals to watch the experiment. After Steve Rogers was successfully transformed into America's first Super-Soldier, Kruger used a concealed bomb to destroy the research; in the chaos, Kruger stole the last remaining drops of the Super-Soldier serum and shot Erskine twice in the chest, killing him.

Peggy Carter managed to shoot him in the arm; nonetheless, he made his escape through the building, killing several soldiers as he went. However, Kruger was incapable of stopping Steve Rogers and was forced to retreat from the man who would become Captain America.

On his way out, he hijacked two taxis, the first of which was stopped when Peggy Carter shot through the windshield and killed the driverthe second was pursued on foot by Rogers.

Eventually Rogers forced Kruger into a footrace, which Kruger took advantage of by kidnapping a small child from the street, taking him to the docks with the gun to his head. When Rogers pursued, Kruger attempted to shoot him, but discovered he was out of ammunition in his clip, causing him to throw the child into the water below as a distraction. When Rogers checked on the kid, he said he was okay because he could swim, and encouraged him to get Kruger. With his mission mostly complete, Kruger boarded an advanced submarine, the Fieser Dorsch.

It was already submerged and swimming back to Germanywhen Steve Rogers appeared outside the cockpit, shattered it and ripped Kruger out, dragging him back out of the water and throwing him onto the docks above.

When Rogers attempted to interrogate him, Kruger claimed that he was simply the first of many, and that when you cut off one head, two more grow in its place. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Cancel Save.They married on May 10, Inthey moved to Norwood Park on the northwest side of Chicago and raised their family in houses that were built by her father who was a carpenter.

Marian was a quick learner and any task she took on, she did well. She was a talented seamstress and crafter and also tackled just about any home repair job around the house.

She was a stubborn Swede with a tenacious spirit which did her well in her recovery from several bouts of cancer, a stroke and a hip replacement.

heinz kreuder

She loved to shop and was an excellent finder of bargains. People who knew her joked that if you went shopping with her, you were wise to take your passport along, because you might find yourself in another state! Marian moved to Billings in with her son, Marty. She died of cancer on Jan. She was preceded in death by her husband, Mart; her parents; and her stillborn daughter, Debbie.

Many thanks to her dear friend and neighbor, Jean Jarvis, who was an angel to her over the years she lived here. Funeral services will be at 4 p. Thursday, Jan. Burial will be in Chicago at a later date. Condolences may be made at www. Log In. Keep it Clean. Please avoid obscene, vulgar, lewd, racist or sexually-oriented language. Don't Threaten. Threats of harming another person will not be tolerated.

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Abraham Erskine 's location, Kruger was dispatched to assassinate and steal the super-soldier serum. State Department official under the alias, Fred Clemson.

He gained access to watch the procedure of Project: Rebirth and was given a lift at Senator William Brandt 's car. Once they arrived, he was introduced to General Chester Phillips and sat with many government officials. After Steve Rogers successfully transforms into a super-soldier, Kruger used a concealed bomb to destroy the research, shot Dr. Erskine and stole the last remaining serum.

Peggy Carter manages to shoot him in the arm but nonetheless escapes through the building. He takes a taxi and tries to ram Carter over but Rogers demonstrates his new abilities by saving her just in time.

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He was then pursued by Rogers on foot. They eventually ended up on the docks where Kruger takes a little boy hostage. When he discovered he was out of ammunition, he throws the boy into the water to distract Rogers. Rogers went to the kid who can swim and encourages Rogers to continue to pursue Kruger. Kruger boarded to his advance submarine but was stopped by Rogers, who demonstrated his powers by punching a hole in the cockpit.

Kruger struggles and is thrown back to the docks by Rogers. The serum breaks as he falls and is quickly interrogated by Rogers. Before he could be interrogated fully though, he commits suicide via cyanide capsule, killing himself for his cause, saying "Hail HYDRA! Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. He successfully assassinated Dr.

Abraham Erskine under the orders of the Red Skull but committed suicide to avoid interrogation after his capture by Steve Rogers. Contents [ show ].

heinz kreuder

Categories :. Cancel Save.Hienz Kruger was an assassin for Hydra charged with the task of killing Dr. Abraham Erskine. Kruger managed to sneak into the hidden U. After the treatment he left a bomb on a chair and exploded it using a cigarette lighter causing enough of a distraction for him to take a vile of the the Super Soldier serum and kill Dr. As he leaves he is shot twice by Peggy Carter. He ran off and used a child as a shield when cornered by Steve Rogers and tried to escape using a submarine, but Steve Rogers caught up to him and eventually captured him; however, as he is caught he drops the last vile of the Super Soldier Serum and nobody has been able to copy it since.

In a final act he took a pill of cyanide so the secrets he knew of Hydra would die with him. Last Edited: 7 Jul pm. Was this guide helpful? YES NO. Table of Contents. D Agents S. Abraham Erskine Dr. Erik Selvig Dr. Leonard Samson Dr. Maya Hansen Dr. TV Show Agents of S. Plot Agents of S.

Heinz Kruger (Earth-616)

Characters Agents of S. Show Production Agents of S. Infinity Gauntlets Infinity Stones J.

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