Delphi ds150e bluetooth pairing

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I have with my delphi code found the device I want to connect to and display services available. When I do the DiscoverServices for the device I found the method returns false meaning it didn't started. I suspect that this is because the device is not connected. You apparently don't need to connect in some special way as I though, the problem that my method won't start was because there are currently no services to discover on the module I am using.

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Learn more. Ask Question. Asked 4 years, 10 months ago. Active 4 years, 10 months ago. Viewed 3k times. Add 'DiscServ could not start' else Memo1. Johan Johan 41 1 1 silver badge 9 9 bronze badges. I attempted using Bluetooth just for fun, and the demo in XE8 was severely broken, so I immediately gave up had better things to do.

I have gone through the steps in that link but as I mentioned, the DiscoverServices method won't start Active Oldest Votes. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

Delphi CDP+ Bluetooth connection and testing OBDSVS

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Can you make family protrait?Go Up to Using Bluetooth. Because the Bluetooth Core Specification defines since version 4. Classic Bluetooth provides a much higher transfer rate than Bluetooth Low Energy, at the cost of a higher energy consumption. Drag a TBluetooth component from the Tool Palette onto a form or data module of your application. Before your application can connect to a remote application using Classic Bluetooth, the devices running each application must be paired with each other using Bluetooth.

One of the two devices must be discoverablethat is, other Bluetooth-enabled devices must be able to detect the device using Classic Bluetooth. On most platforms you can request your user to make the device that is running your application discoverable. Call TBluetooth. StartDiscoverable to start a request, and handle the TBluetooth. OnDiscoverableEnd event. OnDiscoverableEnd occurs if your user accepts to make the device discoverable.

delphi ds150e bluetooth pairing

OS X does not allow applications to request users to make the device discoverable. You must ask your user to make the device discoverably manually.

delphi ds150e bluetooth pairing

DiscoverDevices on the other device to start a discovery operation to get a list of discoverable remote devices in range.

Handle the TBluetooth. OnDiscoveryEnd event to get the list of discovered remote devices as soon as the discovery operation finishes. You can access the last list of discovered devices at any time using the TBluetooth. LastDiscoveredDevices property. Once your application obtains a list of remote devices, you can start a pairing request with any of those devices TBluetoothDevice.

To start a pairing request, call TBluetooth. The actual pairing operation is handled by the operating system, which guides your user through the pairing process. To know whether or not the pairing operation succeeded, check the value of TBluetoothDevice.

Once the device that is running your application is paired with a remote device, you can connect to applications running on the remote device using Classic Bluetooth.Toggle navigation codeverge.

To do this I use the unit with System. StartDiscovery ; FBluetoothManager. Count - 1 do ComboBoxServices.

delphi ds150e driver

Add LServices[I]. Connect; FServerSocket. Free; end; FSocket. See related articles to this posting. You are creating both a Bluetooth client socket and a Bluetooth server socket in the same app and then trying to connect them together.

That will not work. You can either create a listening server socket that the paired device connects to, or you can create a client socket that connects to a listening server socket on the paired device. Thank you Mr Lebeau for your help. Now I create only one client socket.


ReadData; FSocket. Thanks for your help. And it say : "Can't connect to device: The requested address is not valid in its context".

delphi ds150e bluetooth pairing

You cannot connect if the service is not available. Try F9B34FB instead. You are right Remy lebeau, With my android device tablet I didn't see "File Transfer" in services list. There is no point in calling GetServices if you are not going to look at the content of the list. GetServices do begin if LService. Thanks for your help Remy, Maybe I poorly explained, I select the service that I want from a combobox.

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2015r3 Multidiag Pro Bluetooth Windows 10, How to install

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delphi ds150e bluetooth pairing

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